National Centre for Mental Health

The ongoing conflict that has been raging in Syria since March 2011 has, inevitably, caused a significant rise in mental health problems amongst Syrian children.  A recent study carried out on 1,500 Syrian schoolchildren has shown that a staggering 96% needed psychological treatment.

The SBMS, in conjunction with Syria Relief, launched the National Centre for Mental Health, under the auspices of UOSSM, to offer psychosocial support to children and their parents.

It is run by highly qualified mental health practitioners and nurses and operates close to the Turkish-Syrian border, offering some unique and vital services, including rehabilitation for Special Needs children, as well as Outreach and Training.  In addition, the NCMH conducts valuable research to allow scientific assessment of the situation on the ground.

The NCMH is a vital part of our Medical programme, designed to assist families and individuals in coming to terms with their situation, by offering them coping strategies and helping to rebuild their family lives.